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Pittsburgh International Airport Master Plan Meets Rightsizing Needs

Results in $1.1 Billion Terminal Modernization Program

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is on a major growth streak: It’s experiencing the longest continuous month-over-month passenger growth gains in more than 30 years, and was named the 2017 Airport of the Year by Air Transport World. However, it’s really no surprise to those working behind the scenes. PIT is more than able to accommodate this growth, and more—the collaboration with Ricondo resulted in its new $1.1 billion Terminal Modernization Program master plan.

PIT was in transition for many years. With increased service from some airline carriers and decreased routes from others, PIT needed a diversified and rightsizing strategy to address ever-shifting industry needs. The Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA) turned to Ricondo in 2013 to update its master plan with fresh, innovative thinking.

Ricondo’s master plan wasn’t created in a vacuum. In addition to carefully aligning with the FAA’s guidelines for Airport Master Plans, Ricondo conducted numerous analyses in finance, forecasting, noise, technology, and vehicular trends. Passenger and tenant surveys—along with studies in the areas of generational expectations, flow, comfort, accessibility, wayfinding, and aesthetics—served as critical and foundational data points.

Ultimately, Ricondo recommended that the ACAA make some important shifts, such as moving groundside functions closer to the airside terminal and relocating landside terminal functions, to reduce airline operating costs and to shorten passenger walking distances. Other benefits included eliminating the need for automated people movers and disparate airline baggage systems, and landside opportunities spurred the development of energy, manufacturing, hotel, office, and retail businesses nearby.

With Ricondo’s help, PIT is now well-positioned to meet unprecedented growth spurts and the ACAA's long-term goals of serving the community, inspiring the industry, and advancing the region as a world leader in commerce and travel.

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