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Business Advisory Services

A holistic perspective for today and tomorrow

In order to accomplish it all, airport executives need a partner with the experience, capabilities, insight, and intellect who understands the complexity of today’s aviation environment. Ricondo’s dedicated team of unbiased business advisors identify the issues, analyze the options, identify partners, negotiate and assist with financing, and work until the right solution is delivered.

Because every airport is different, Ricondo does not deliver cookie cutter solutions. We consider every aspect of every unique situation and recommend a customized approach—what's right for each client and each client only.

Ricondo provides management consulting and advisory services to most large-hub airports in the US as well as several airports in Europe and the Middle East. 

Development Strategy

Airports are transforming. And the airline industry is more nimble thanks to a data-rich environment driving new standards. That’s why airport operators need a comprehensive, yet flexible development plan to anticipate any possible scenario. We provide data, analyses, and advice to support decision-making on issues concerning airport executives and managers. Our experts create master plans that respond to ever-changing operational and physical needs, mitigate risks, and deliver strong return on investment. We also partner with stakeholders to ensure the strategy is viable, implementable, sustainable, and affordable.

Air Service Analysis

Ricondo prepares aviation demand forecasts and air service analyses to support facility and financial plans. Our talented professionals have prepared aviation services, including aircraft noise, air quality, and detailed demand analyses, for nearly 150 airports worldwide.

Airline Negotiations

Ricondo assists in reviewing, drafting, and implementing tenant leases and provisions to maximize airport revenue and maintain long-term flexibility. We ensure the airport enterprise recovers the costs of operating, maintaining, and constructing facilities for a variety of airport tenants, including airlines, rental car companies, parking managers, cargo handlers, and general aviation operators.

Commercial Management

Ricondo helps diversify revenue streams, reduce financial risk, and strengthen cash flow, while improving customer service and community relations. We frequently create and improve revenue streams from nonaeronautical sources, such as automobile parking, compatible land development, and enhanced terminal concessions.

Rental Car Business

Often the second or third largest source of non-airline revenue at airports, rental car companies are crucial to an airport's success. Ricondo provides comprehensive facility, operational, business, and financial planning services to meet the ebb and flow of airport rental car operations to each airport’s specific location.

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