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Environmental Services

To preserve our planet for future generations, airports must prove they are responsive

Protecting the environment is an international priority, fueled by aggressive airline industry and environmental agency goals to meet specific sustainability standards in the coming years.

Airport executives and municipalities work side by side with Ricondo’s environmental experts who conduct assessments and optimize planning tools to obtain the right data for addressing essential issues—such as aircraft noise, waste, air quality, land use, energy, natural resources, climate change, and the pursuit of carbon neutrality.

NEPA/State Documentation

Ricondo quickly and successfully completes environmental reviews and documentation of development projects in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and comparable state laws, such as the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Every federal and state environmental document prepared by Ricondo has received a favorable federal finding and has withstood any and all challenges, thereby allowing development to proceed as planned.

Noise Analysis

Ricondo staff has significant experience preparing aircraft noise analyses that comply with FAA and state requirements. Ricondo’s noise modeling team includes flight operations and modeling experts who ensure that complex aircraft operations are accurately modeled, fully calibrated, and validated. Our capabilities cover all aspects of aircraft and helicopter operations—including ground taxiing and run-ups, airport environs, and en route operations. Ricondo staff leverages FAA’s Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) to derive cumulative and supplemental noise metrics.

Air Quality Analysis

Ricondo analyzes the air quality effects of airport projects and FAA actions, many in non-attainment areas, to support federal and state environmental approvals. We supplement FAA’s AEDT model, which quantifies emissions from airport and aircraft operations, with a suite of tools and resources to evaluate construction impacts and confirm that construction schedules comply with regulations. Ricondo’s air quality team also analyzes emissions reductions to support grant applications, such as FAA’s Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) Program.

Land Use Compatibility

Ricondo professionals partner and closely coordinate with local land use agencies, real estate specialists, and engineers to capitalize on the unique attributes of an airport site. Our forward-thinking land use, airside, and airspace planning consultants, in tandem with our environmental analysts, collaborate on noise and land use compatibility and airspace protection plans throughout the United States. We develop airspace protection planning criteria, procedures, and ordinances; online mapping tools for local government implementation; and reuse plans that protect airport development options and local economic development opportunities.


Sustainability is an approach to decision-making that balances near-term needs with near- and long-term (generational) environmental, social, economic, and operational considerations. Ricondo’s aviation expertise allows us to consult with our clients and provide sustainable solutions—integrated in all our aviation consulting services. Ricondo can support clients by helping them advance environmental and social performance in airport management, planning, design, and operations in a manner that enhances economic sustainability. Ricondo staff prepare sustainability management plans that set goals and targets within the context of baseline metrics, supported by implementation strategies, roadmaps, and tools. Our experience includes sustainability performance tracking, reporting strategy, and infrastructure rating strategy; sustainable master plans, including preparation of airport recycling, reuse, and waste reduction plans; and renewable energy, carbon neutrality, and zero waste initiatives.

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