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Facilities and Operations Services

Airport operations represent the airport’s heart and soul

An airport operator’s perceived success is often based on how quickly and easily passengers and aircraft pass through their facility. However, travel is changing faster than we can keep pace: Airports are constantly facing new regulations, technologies, and economies of scale. Whether it be a state-of-the-art terminal or landside amenities— such as hotels, restaurants, shopping, high-speed transit, and rental car or multi-use facilities—airport executives need the right combination of airport management expertise and technical know-how to help their operation take flight.


Ricondo has extensive experience in airside and airfield master planning, operations, and analysis at airports throughout the world. We advise airport operators on how to increase airfield and airspace capacity, optimize operational efficiency, maintain safety, and mitigate risk. From analyzing current and future peak-period traffic on runways and taxiways to addressing complex airfield layout challenges and reconfigurations, runway capacity expansions, and taxiway network improvements, Ricondo has done it all.


Terminal facilities planning services include facility layout, operational analysis, and requirements programming. Sample consulting services include critical needs assessments, facility planning, concept development, and scenario testing and sensitivity analysis—all which conform to internationally recognized standards for airport operations, security and immigration processing protocols, and service quality.


Our professional engineers, transportation planners, and financial analysts create the most functional and financially viable landside plans and programs with the greatest return on investment. Expertise includes ground transportation, roadway traffic and curbside demand and capacity forecasting and operations; airport parking planning and facility concepts; rail/automated people mover alignment and station concepts; and rental car and multi-use facility planning.

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