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Ricondo offers a well-defined career path to help you progress from one challenge to the next. 

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Post-COVID-19 Airport Strategic Planning

Ricondo consultant Joseph M. Chang with co-authors Paul D. Hanly, Craig T. Leiner, Remy Lucette, and Larry C. Hilton were published in the December/January issue of Airport Magazine.

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Catherine M. Lang to join Ricondo

Ricondo is pleased to announce that Catherine M. Lang, a former senior official at the Federal Aviation Administration for nearly 30 years, will join Ricondo.

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I am fortunate to have been involved in delivering key planning, design, and technical analysis work on multi-billion-dollar projects all across the world. One of the biggest benefits of working at Ricondo is the variety of projects and tasks employees get exposed to. This ensures employees develop and master skills in multiple disciplines, giving the company flexibility in the projects they are able to undertake and the pool of staff from which they can choose from within each. I have found the commitment, individual focus, and support provided to each employee by Ricondo far exceeded that experienced elsewhere. I believe Ricondo’s focus on supporting their employees to be one of their biggest strengths, and a significant factor in maintaining such a high employee retention rate.”

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Introducing V3CTOR - Ricondo's Quality Assurance Solution

The V3CTORTM process manages quality assurance across three fundamental phases of a project: discovery, development, and delivery.

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COVID-19: Planning for response and recovery

Ricondo is helping airport clients react to the effects of COVID-19. Airports are considering a wide array of strategies toward recovery.

COVID-19: Aviation Industry Demand and Planning
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