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Ricondo's V3CTORTM Quality Assurance process provides high-quality results that are technically accurate, clearly articulated, unbiased, compliant with applicable regulations, implementable, strategically aligned with the client organization, financially responsible, and sustainable. The V3CTOR process manages quality assurance across three fundamental phases of a project: discovery, development, and delivery.

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Ricondo’s services start with discovery, during which a project team with applicable expertise listens to the client to determine the problem to be solved and defines a project approach that is strategically focused on client objectives and quality results. Our teams are led by one of Ricondo’s officers, managed by a designated project manager, and supported by a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). 


Ricondo’s services continue through the development phase with execution of the project scope and workplan. All Ricondo products are formatted to meet document and design standards.


The V3CTORTM process transitions to project delivery with expert reviews and approvals, customized per the project scope and workplan.

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Subject Matter Expert Review

The Ricondo project manager ensures technical accuracy and fidelity of analyses and documentation. This responsibility for technical accuracy similarly applies to the work of each subconsultant.

Technical Review

Technically accurate documentation is then reviewed by a technical editor to ensure clarity, consistency, grammatical accuracy, and appropriate use of references and sources.

Officer Review

The officer responsible for the project ensures previous reviews were completed and provides a final check of all deliverables.

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