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Max Braun

Managing Consultant
10 Years at Ricondo

Max X. Braun joined the firm in 2013; he specializes in the management and development of aviation activity forecasts and air service analyses. His activity forecasts have been used in airport revenue bond issuances, airside and landside facility planning, and National Environmental Policy Act analyses. Mr. Braun has prepared forecasts for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, O’Hare, Philadelphia, and Raleigh-Durham International Airports, as well as for Melbourne Airport (Australia). Mr. Braun has experience modeling passenger flows throughout airline route networks and conducting leakage studies for medium- and small-hub airports, both as part of forecasting analyses and as standalone analyses. In addition to his forecasting work, Mr. Braun has developed comprehensive airport performance reporting metrics and best practices for use by airport executive leadership teams to improve organizational efficiency and to drive informed decision-making.

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