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Remy Lucette

Vice President
15 Years at Ricondo

Remy Lucette, PMP, CM joined Ricondo in 2009 and since then has assisted with several airport master plans, for which he has analyzed airfield, terminal, landside, and airspace operations. He completed master planning assignments for several large-hub airports, including Abu Dhabi (airfield and support facilities), Dallas Fort Worth (terminal gates, airfield, and landside circulation), Miami (airfield, terminal, landside, and capital programming), and Washington Dulles (support facilities) International Airports. Recently, he conducted and coordinated analyses of the airfield, the landside, and the terminal areas for the Strategic Master Plan for Miami International Airport, which established the facilities and infrastructure needs to meet the long-term demand and served to develop alternatives, using the methodologies included in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circulars 150/5060-5, 150/5300-13, 150/5070-6B, and 150/5300-18B.

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