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Larry C. Hilton

Managing Consultant
6 Years at Ricondo

Larry has spent 25 years in airport planning working on diverse projects, primarily focusing on terminal planning. He has been involved in terminal and airport projects for both domestic and international airports. He took part in the creation of the Airport Cooperative Research Program Report 25, Airport Passenger Terminal Planning and Design, and was on the review team for the International Air Transport Association’s Airport Design Reference Manual (10th edition). His primary focus has been on spatial analysis of terminals using 3-D modeling platforms, simulation modeling, and space program requirements. Mr. Hilton has worked extensively for most of the top 50 large-hub airports within the United States, and he has supported the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s System Capacity Planning Study and the North Airfield Safety Improvement Program at Los Angeles International Airport. He was a lead coordinator for the Terminal Area Master Plan at Kansas City International Airport, where he worked closely with some of the largest architecture and design/build teams in the United States.

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