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A Multi-Billion Dollar SEA Project

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Advanced Planning and On-Call Services

In 2016, 2019 and 2022, the Port of Seattle (the Port) selected Ricondo & Associates, Inc. (Ricondo) to provide Advanced Planning and On-Call Planning Services to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The Port is currently conducting environmental review on its Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP), which, once completed, will include a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure and facility development program to meet forecast growth. Ricondo was retained to assist the Port with validating the feasibility of planning concepts identified in the SAMP, developing detailed planning documents to assist with transitioning from master plan to design, and refining the capital improvement program with detailed phasing, project definition, schedule, and cost information. 

Projects that Ricondo is currently assisting with, or recently completed, include:

  1. reviewing, refining, modeling and/or developing various near-term terminal improvement and expansion projects that will optimize the existing terminal;

  2. prepared ground transportation plans to identify strategies to encourage more sustainable mode choices, guide policy-makers, and address landside capacity constraints;

  3. evaluating parking garage utilization alternatives;

  4. developed concepts for a new ground transportation facility and bus guideway;

  5. developed a visualization model to be leveraged for phasing analysis;

  6. assessing long-term opportunities for the passenger conveyance/train system; and

  7. developing long-term terminal and landside expansion concepts to accommodate forecasted growth.

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