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Jeffrey Stanley

Vice President
12 Years at Ricondo

Jeffrey Stanley has over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry. Since joining Ricondo in 2012, he has led the firm's forecasting, economic analysis, and air service analysis practice areas. He has developed demand forecasts for many of the industry’s largest airports, including those in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas Fort Worth, Philadelphia, and Denver. He assists airport clients with a variety of needs, from broad strategy development to analytical support for general planning and finance-related purposes. He has provided air service analysis for airports of varying sizes, identifying potential new service opportunities, at-risk existing services, and instances of leakage between competing airports. In addition, he has analyzed the value of airline routes and hubs from the perspective of airports and the airlines serving them. Jeff's work with Ricondo is supported by nearly 17 years of experience working at United Airlines and Continental Airlines, for which he provided strategic, analytical, and financial leadership in several key areas, including route planning, revenue management, regulatory and international affairs, and alliance/joint venture development and management.

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