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Lisa Reznar

Career Path

Based in Ricondo’s Chicago corporate office, Lisa started her aviation career at Ricondo in 1996 as a consultant, providing environmental and ground transportation operations support to Chicago’s Department of Aviation. The opportunity to gain hands-on experience at Chicago’s airports was foundational to her early development and provided a solid base as she expanded her client work.

Through her undergraduate and graduate studies in geography and environmental policy, Lisa was drawn to the concept of sustainability through the balance of economic, environmental, and social considerations. As sustainable management became increasingly important to airport operators in the mid-2000s, Lisa took lead roles in preparing sustainability management plans for airports. Today, as Ricondo’s technical service lead in sustainability, she splits her time between sustainability and environmental projects.

Lisa attributes her path to success at Ricondo to a reliance on process and collaboration to define a solution. This attitude allowed her to explore different facets of airport facilities management and operations, which has grown her expertise in environmental and sustainability services. Lisa’s ability to collaborate with other talented team members has been essential to her success at Ricondo.

Ricondo’s growth as a company has been a central part of Lisa’s career. This growth throughout her tenure from a small to a medium-sized company, has enabled Lisa to take on a leading role in enhancing internal management, including the efficiency of operations, developing and maintaining project management guidelines, and managing a brand transition, as well as other processes and capabilities.

Ultimately, Lisa values the support she has found at Ricondo to both pursue a career and raise a family. After working part-time for more than 7 years, until her two daughters were both in school full time, Lisa now manages her schedule to make time to cheer on her teenage daughters at their softball and volleyball games. Even with some late nights and odd hours, once in a while, her Ricondo schedule still allows for balancing family life.



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Promoted to Vice President.

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Lisa obtained Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) credentials.

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Lisa was promoted to director and also started providing sustainability services to clients. To date she has participated or led sustainability plans for Denver International Airport, Tampa International Airport, and the Houston Airport System, among others.

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2002 & 2004
Lisa and her husband welcomed daughters in 2002 and 2004. During this time Lisa worked reduced hours to spend more time with family.

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Lisa and her husband welcomed daughters in 2002 and 2004. During this time Lisa worked reduced hours to spend more time with family.

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In 1997, Lisa was promoted to senior consultant.

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Lisa started her career in aviation at Ricondo as a consultant, focused on environmental planning for the Chicago Department of Aviation and San Antonio International Airport.


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