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Erik Wilkins

Career Path

Erik started his aviation career at Ricondo in 2003 as a Consultant; he is now a Director and the Technical Service Coordinator for Airfield and Airspace Operations and Analytics.

Erik’s path to a career in aviation started at a young age with childhood interests in airplanes and space travel. An aptitude for math and science led him to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in civil engineering, transportation, and aviation. These studies provided foundational problem-solving and analytical skills, which prepared him for his career with Ricondo.

In his first role, Erik ran fast-time airfield and airspace simulation models. He also performed an operational analysis to reconfigure runways at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to increase capacity and reduce congestion in support of the O’Hare Modernization Program. These projects taught him about air traffic control procedures, runway capacity, airfield and airspace congestion and delay, fast-time simulation modeling tools and techniques, and pre- and post-simulation data analysis. Over the years at Ricondo, Erik has expanded his knowledge by working on a variety of airfield and airspace simulation projects. Additionally, he has further diversified his experience by working on airport planning projects and supporting technical analyses of all aspects of airport operations, including ground access/terminal and airfield/airspace operations. He expanded his technical skills through presenting and documenting the assumptions and results from studies, which enlightened him as to how his technical knowledge fit into broader projects, as well as presented him with the opportunity to interact and establish relationships with airport clients, government agencies, and other consultants.

Ricondo gives Erik the opportunity to work with a diverse group of talented and passionate colleagues on a variety of projects, which has provided him with a wide range of perspectives on airport planning. His work on both small and large airports has taught him about airport planning on different scales. Further, his international experience has taught him about different business cultures, how planning priorities differ in other parts of the world, and how airports fit into the global transportation system.

Erik is currently based in Ricondo’s Denver office; he has also worked from the firm’s Chicago and Washington, DC, offices. Erik’s career with Ricondo has allowed him to see most of the world; his hope is that helping to improve the world’s air transportation system will allow others to see the world as well.


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Returned to the Chicago office to manage airfield and airspace simulation modeling projects and resources.

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Promoted to Director.

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Named Ricondo’s Technical Service Coordinator for Airfield and Airspace Operations and Analytics.

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Obtained Professional Engineer certification in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Promoted to Managing Consultant.

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Relocated to the Washington, DC, office to support landside planning and earn experience toward becoming a licensed Civil Engineer.

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Promoted to Senior Consultant.

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Hired as a Consultant in the Chicago office. Ran airfield and airspace simulation models in support of planning for the O’Hare Modernization Program.

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