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Bonnie Ossege

Career Path

Bonnie has contributed to countless business and finance projects for our airport clients, from small islands in the Western Pacific to America’s largest cities. The breadth of work and exposure to different projects have kept her interested and engaged during her time at Ricondo. The company’s success has convinced her that any problem a client may have can be resolved with Ricondo’s range and depth of knowledge.

Bonnie was introduced to airport consulting while sharing a co-working space with a few of Ricondo’s first employees in Cincinnati, Ohio. After speaking with a former Ricondo Senior Vice President and learning about airport finance and Ricondo’s role in supporting our airport clients, Bonnie accepted a Senior Consultant position and was assigned to the O’Hare International Airport Modernization Program. Her academic background in finance and previous analytical experience were useful, but it took some time to learn the nuances of airport business and develop as a professional. Today, Bonnie is integral in developing finance staff and helping them develop as professionals. She also builds long-term client relationships and guides projects as a leader in Ricondo’s Financial Services.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Bonnie’s career with Ricondo has been the diversity of the projects. The size, type, location, and capital needs of each airport guarantee that every project is different. From developing financial models that maximize capital funding to evaluating the feasibility of public-private partnerships, Bonnie has enjoyed assisting clients as they determine the best solutions for their airports. Bonnie feels incredibly lucky to have met so many interesting clients from all over the world. Working with these clients has led to many interesting trips, including multiple trips to the Northern Mariana Islands (a US commonwealth in the Pacific Ocean that was critical to the Allies’ success in World War II). One of the highlights of her first trip to Saipan (the largest of the Mariana Islands) in 1998 was discovering that her father had been stationed on a US Navy coastal minesweeper off the island about 40 years earlier.

Overall, airport finance is complex. It requires identifying problems often unique to individual airports and tailoring effective solutions. That complexity makes the work challenging, and airport consulting may seem like an overwhelming endeavor for consulting staff; however, in Bonnie’s experience, it is not. An environment where staff can continue to learn and thrive has been a constant at Ricondo, and Bonnie points to the supportive culture and opportunities to learn through experience at Ricondo that have been important factors in her success raising a family and growing as a finance professional.



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Joined the Airports Council International – North America Finance Committee.

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Promoted to Vice President.

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Began assisting the American Association of Airport Executives with development of the annual Passenger Facility Charge and Rates and Charges Workshops.

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Promoted to Director.

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Promoted to Managing Consultant.

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Hired as a Senior Consultant in the Cincinnati office to support the newly established Ricondo Financial Services.


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