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April 22, 2020

ACRP Report #215: Transportation Network Companies

Impacts to Airport Revenues and Operations - A Reference Guide

As prime consultant, Ricondo recently completed a reference guide titled “Transportation Network Companies: Impacts to Airport Revenues and Operations.”

ACRP Research Report 215 is a Reference Guide for airport practitioners that identifies strategies and practical tools for adapting airport landside access programs to reflect the evolution of ground transportation modes [e.g., transportation network companies (TNCs) and autonomous vehicles]. This Reference Guide also identifies impacts on other airport revenues and operations (e.g., parking and rental cars) for both a current timeframe and a projected 5- to 10-year outlook. This Reference Guide addresses strategies for creating long-term sustainable revenue models, managing curbside and roadway vehicle congestion, assessing customer service impacts (i.e., location of drop-off/pick-up  areas,  wayfinding  terminology), as well as presenting strategies to forecast shifts of customer preferences and demand, including the impact of technology and socioeconomic factors on customer choices and the use of technology and access to data.

The report can be found here

Extensive supporting documentation, including a searchable statistical database of the airport survey and the Airport Mode Choice and Ground Simulator Template (an Excel-based simulation template) that shows how the mode-choice model is applied to estimate revenue impact, are also available at the link shown above.

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