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Facilities and Operations Services


Ricondo’s professional engineers, transportation planners, and financial analysts are dedicated to developing functionally and financially viable landside facility plans and programs with the greatest return on investment to you. We have expertise in all aspects of physical planning, financial planning, operations research and system optimization, and transportation management planning for accessibility at and around the airport.

Services include ground transportation and airport parking planning; local, regional, and on-airport roadway traffic demand forecasting; roadway and curbside capacity, operations, and planning; public and employee parking demand analysis; parking facility concept development; rail/automated people mover alignment and station concepts; and rental car and multi-use facility planning.

We also assist with commercial vehicle fee rate setting; performance specifications and implementation services, such as automatic vehicle identification or GPS-based bus management systems; staffing and management plans; and concession plans for parking and commercial ground transportation services. Operational planning services include rental car industry best practices advice, fueling system and busing consortium development and implementation, and busing capacity and route studies.

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