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Aviation Consulting Services

Ricondo is a full-service aviation consulting company providing services to airport owners and operators, airlines, and federal and state aviation-related agencies. The consulting services offered by Ricondo range from broad problem-solving consulting to specialized technical analyses in the following areas:

Business Advisory Services

Create a new master plan. Negotiate with airlines. Improve airport access. Identify partners. These are just a few of the major challenges our clients may be facing right now, yet every day we must ensure the daily operations of moving passengers from Point A to Point B are safe, efficient, compliant, and profitable.

In order to accomplish it all, you need a partner with the experience, capabilities, insight, and intellect who understands the complexities of the business and can help do what’s right. Our dedicated team of unbiased business advisors serves as your go-to problem solvers. Ricondo business advisors help identify the issues, analyze the options, identify partners, negotiate on your behalf, assist with financing, and work with our clients, side by side—persevering until we’ve delivered the right solution for you.

Because every airport is different, Ricondo does not deliver cookie-cutter solutions. We consider every aspect of your unique situation and recommend custom solutions that are right for each client.

Services Include:

Financial Services

It’s no secret that financial challenges persist in the aviation industry today. Airport transformation is necessary to meet growing demands, but there is often limited access to capital, uncertain government funding, and emerging technologies.

What’s the best model for financing airport infrastructure? Which global, national, and regional revenue sources are available? Should we issue a revenue bond or seek third-party support? In partnering with Ricondo, our clients obtain the most comprehensive answers to your most challenging questions, and obtain implementable solutions based on current, innovative practices in airport financing, feasibility, and capital programming.

Whether the project challenges include conducting a revenue bond feasibility study, planning and implementing passenger facility charges, or analyzing capital planning and affordability, Ricondo will get you where you want to go.

Services Include:

Notice: Ricondo is not registered as a municipal advisor under Section 15B of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 and Ricondo does not provide financial advisory services within the meaning of such Act.

Facilities and Operations Services

Airport operations represent an airport’s heart and soul. They’re arguably the most customer-facing aspect of the business, and the perceived success is often based on how quickly and easily passengers and aircraft pass through a facility. Passengers view their experiences both inside and outside the airport as part of the total travel experience.

However, travel is changing faster than we can keep pace. Overall costs, new technologies, regulations, and economies of scale are forcing airports, airlines, and passengers to evolve. Airports are expected to bridge the gaps, whether it be state-of-the-art terminal or landside amenities, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping, high-speed transit, and rental car or multi-use facilities. Ricondo can be a trusted advisor on the journey.

Services Include:

Environmental Services

While airports are considered perhaps the single most important economic generator in their local area, they often are the most scrutinized when it comes to environmental concerns. Environmental impacts, whether perceived or actual, are often attributed to airport and airline operations, airport access, and various landside construction projects. It’s no longer enough to say that an airport is mindful of environmental issues, they must have essential data at the ready to back up claims. Information is required that mitigates long-term concerns, showcases sustainability efforts, and demonstrates you’re taking serious action to preserve the planet.

Our responsiveness, combined with our deep passion, integrity, and ethical approach, offers timely, accurate, and credible information to satisfy communities and conservationists alike. And, because sustainability concerns are deeply seeded in all aspects of airport management, we can pull together the big picture and connect the dots across your entire operation. Ricondo’s environmental experts seamlessly integrate with other departments to offer the right solution at the right time.

Services Include:
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