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Ricondo has extensive experience in airside and airfield planning and operations analysis at airports throughout the world. From long-term master planning to detailed implementation, we’ve advised airport operators on how to increase airfield and airspace capacity, optimize operational efficiency, maintain safety, and mitigate risk. We determine appropriate operational and physical improvements by analyzing airspace and airfield operations, including aircraft ground movements on runways and taxiways—and how they respond to current and future peak-period traffic volumes.

Ricondo works with airport operators to address complex airfield layout challenges and reconfigurations, runway capacity expansions, and taxiway network improvements. Other areas of our expertise include airspace obstruction analysis, design standard deficiency corrections, terminal apron layouts and aircraft deicing facilities, and aircraft rescue and firefighting facilities.

Airport construction projects frequently create significant operational impacts, such as runway and taxiway closures, temporary runway threshold relocations, navigational aid shutdowns, and temporary obstructions within safety and object-free areas. Ricondo provides construction operations planning services to assist airport operators in defining baseline and optimal requirements that must be maintained throughout construction.

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