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Rental Car Facility and Business Planning

Ricondo has extensive experience in airport rental car business and financial planning, including rental car operations planning and consolidated rental car facility planning and development. Ricondo provides rental car concession program development, facility planning, and financial and business advisory services, including assistance with numerous consolidated rental car facility projects, at a broad spectrum of airports, including those serving Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, El Paso, Hawaii, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Nashville, Oakland, Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle-Tacoma, Tampa, and Washington, D.C. Our core group of rental car planning professionals includes experienced facility planners, airport landside and ground transportation planners, and industry leaders in airport business and financial planning and airport bond feasibility studies. The types of services offered by Ricondo staff include:

  • Business Planning – Our rental car business planning services include assessing market and industry conditions; forecasting demand; providing public policy and legislative support, litigation support, and bankruptcy support; and developing multi-branding and double-busing strategies. Ricondo staff also provide project and program management services, including airport and industry liaison services, concession program development, concession policy and objectives formulation, requests for proposals/qualifications/bids (RFP/RFQ/RFB) specifications development, concession agreement and lease agreement development, contract negotiations, and program implementation services.
  • Financial Planning and Financing – Ricondo financial planning professionals prepare feasibility studies for bonds backed by rental car customer facility charges (CFCs); determine CFC sizing, uses, authority to impose, and implementation approaches; and develop financial analyses and modeling to support CFC rates and revenues and other potential revenue sources.
  • Facility Planning – Our facility planning services include program and concept development, as well as ground transportation and curbside planning and operations. Our program and concept development capabilities encompass individual rental car facilities, consolidated rental car facilities, and multi-use (public parking, rental car, ground transportation) facilities. In addition, once the program has been defined, we continue to advise the design and engineering teams, thereby providing our clients with quality service from concept development through design.
  • Operational Planning – Our operational planning services include providing our clients with rental car industry best practices advice, fueling system and common busing consortia development and implementation, and common busing capacity and route studies.
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