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Ground Transportation and Parking

Ricondo has extensive experience planning ground transportation access and parking at airports, including forecasting local, regional, and on-airport roadway traffic demand; conducting simulation and operational modeling of roadways and curbsides; allocating curbside capacity; analyzing public and employee parking demand; developing parking facility concepts; planning conceptual rail/automated people mover alignments and stations; and planning rental car facilities. Ricondo staff has prepared landside facility plans for numerous airports, including those serving Baltimore, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Reno, San Jose, Tampa, Washington, D.C., Abu Dhabi, and Beijing.

We have a staff of professional engineers, transportation planners, and financial analysts dedicated to developing functional and financially viable landside facility plans and programs.  Our services include all aspects of physical planning, financial planning, operations research/system optimization, and transportation management planning related to ground access at and in the environs of airports.  Key services include:

  • Parking Planning – Ricondo provides a full range of airport public and employee parking demand and requirements analyses, parking master plans, parking facility layouts, parking revenue and rate analyses, strategic parking management plans, marketing and branding strategies, parking facility privatization feasibility studies, and parking revenue enhancement strategies.
  • Roadway and Curbside Operations and Planning – Landside operations and facility plans are essential elements of any comprehensive airport master plan. Ricondo manages and prepares all aspects of data collection and surveys, roadway traffic forecasting and modeling, demand/capacity and level-of-service analyses, roadway and curbside requirements analyses, roadway and curbside facilities concept plans, curbside allocation plans, roadway and curbside microsimulation, roadway signage, taxicab and commercial vehicle staging facilities requirements analyses, and shuttle bus system optimization studies.
  • Landside Operations and Management Planning – Optimizing existing landside facilities can result in significant cost savings compared to capital intensive capacity enhancement strategies. Ricondo is widely recognized as a leader in industry benchmarking of commercial vehicle business arrangements and fees and in assisting airport operators with requests for proposals/qualifications (RFPs/RFQs) development for commercial vehicle services. We assist our airport clients with commercial vehicle fee rate-setting and recommendations, performance specifications and implementation services (e.g., automated vehicle identification or global positioning system-based bus tracking and management systems), staffing and management plans, and concession and management plans for parking and commercial ground transportation services.
  • Landside Facility Financial Planning – Ricondo's approach to airport ground transportation planning and parking services is based in sound financial planning and principles. Our projects typically include life-cycle cost analyses for leased or purchased vehicle fleets and landside infrastructure, return-on-investment studies, revenue enhancement from landside operations analyses, strategic landside facility development programs, and feasibility studies for capital projects.
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