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AAAE/Ricondo PFC and Rates Charges Workshop – Savannah

October 21-23, 2019
Events | Published 06/25/2019

The PFC and Rates and Charges Workshop, co-hosted by AAAE and Ricondo, will take place October 21-23, in
Savannah, Georgia.

Sessions presented by Ricondo staff include the following:

PFC Workshop (Monday, October 21):

  • PFC 101:  Introduction to Project Eligibility and the Application Process – Robin Brinkman and Michael Scott

  • Attachment G Requirements:  Everything You Need to Know About ALPs, Airspace & Environmental Findings  – Michael Scott

  • Interactive Workshop:  Best Practices for Completing the Attachment B Form (for a Terminal Expansion Project) – Robin Brinkman and Michael Scott

  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Funding:  PFCs as a Funding Source – Bonnie Ossege

Rates and Charges Workshop (Tuesday, October 22):

  • Rates & Charges 101:  Accounting Framework & Cost Center Allocations – Bryan Elliott and Anusheh Yasin

  • Rates & Charges 101:  Rate Setting Methodologies & Trends  – Ethan Dunkle

  • Capital Project Investment - Funding Sources, Rate Impacts, & Reasonableness — Anusheh Yasin

  • Airport Bonds:  Credit Perspectives, Rating Considerations & Airport Views – Mohammed Murad

  • Interactive Financial Modeling Workshop:  Understanding the Impacts to Rates & Charges — Ethan Dunkle and Bryan Elliott

Rates and Charges Workshop (Wednesday, October 23):

  • Air Traffic Forecasting – Caldwell Kerr

  • Ground Transportation and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) – Caldwell Kerr


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