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COVID-19: Planning for response and recovery

US Aviation Industry Demand and Planning

COVID-19: Planning for response and recovery

COVID-19: Planning for response and recovery

US Aviation Industry Demand and Planning

Every airport is facing a range of recovery scenarios

Ricondo is helping airport sponsors react to the challenges presented by COVID-19. We help our clients understand the effects of the pandemic on the airline industry, as well as on their specific airports. We work with each client to create a customized, strategic recovery plan that includes a range of recovery scenarios and aligns with the client’s overall goals and objectives.


US industry demand 

Along with every other industry in the United States, the aviation industry has been impacted by COVID-19. As a result, airline travel has been decimated and concessions have closed, but flights continue, albeit at reduced frequency. Further, the communities and businesses that rely on airport activity anxiously await signs of improvement and a return to normalcy. In many ways, an uptick in airport business can be viewed as a leading indicator for other sectors of the economy.

Passengers in an airport terminal wearing masks

Recovery = Shouldering the ebbs and flows

In some cases, airport operations are nearing 100 percent during peak periods compared to pre–COVID-19 conditions, yet they are as low as 5 percent during off-peak periods. Peak staffing has led to an increase in workers during the off-peak times. Airports must adapt to these changing activity levels and plan for recovery.

row of planes in storage

Operational readiness and recovery 

Consider responses to identify opportunities to incrementally increase and balance system capacity, while maintaining adherence to local/state/federal guidelines. A response means an abundance of communication with airlines, businesses, customers, and employees. Consistent and active engagement with all stakeholders and the airport community is paramount.

ground transportation proximity diagram
Strength in planning

Continuous planning for uncertainty

All responses to the pandemic will be unique. Success for each plan will be measured by the airport sponsor’s ability to react to unforeseen events and unpredicted changes. Ricondo is here to partner and assist in your journey to recovery. Ricondo is taking all necessary steps and procedures to facilitate uninterrupted delivery of services to our clients worldwide.

COVID-19: Planning for Response

COVID-19: Planning for response and recovery presentation (PDF). Download a summary of our planning and response to the virus.

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